A Brief Outline

Parability was the brainchild of Basingstoke Born Chris Hall. Following his experience as a person with a disability Chris is only to aware of how it feels to be on the receiving end of inequalities and discrimination brought about within society.

It is therefore his vision to create a society which is without discrimination or barriers of any kind to anybody. This vision is the core foundation for the purpose behind Parability.

However Parability also believes we all have a part to play in the overall impact we have on society.

Parability beliefs the responsibility of creating a truly equal society where everyone recognises their impact on society should be the responsibility of everybody.

We therefore ask everyone to join us in taking a proactive approach to:

• Improving our own health, wellbeing and fitness to enable us to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.
• To recognise the needs, abilities and differences of those around us to ensure total inclusion and removal of any barriers.
• To confront our own prejudices towards those around us and therefore create a greater inclusion.
• To understand, acknowledge and act on the actions which we take both collectively and individually which may discriminate against or create barriers for our fellow human beings.
• To work together with all communities to help breakdown barriers and discrimination.

This should in turn lead to a human race which not only understands and acts on the impact individually we have on one another but we all collectively work together to help each other and therefore through a collective approach the need for support from public services is less and the overall fitness and wellbeing of the human race is improved.