Meet Our Founder

Our Founder Chris Hall was born in Basingstoke on the 19th April 1976, originally a resident of Tadley he moved to Basingstoke in the early 1980’s. Chris was born with Congenital Hydrocephalus and attended Saxon Wood School.  However it was his experience and the discrimination he faced in main stream education following the government closure of many special needs schools which led to the foundations that were to become Parability. It was these experiences which made Chris realise that no one should have to undergo any discrimination or division of any kind and that it was time for society to move on to a totally inclusive society without discrimination or barriers.

Since birth Chris’s disability has changed but the message has remained the same. Chris believes that those true friends and partners should be happy to accept people for who they are not for what they can not do, if someone is not comfortable with a persons differences that is a discriminatory view point which they themselves must overcome and not expect others to change for their convenience.

Parability is therefore always looking at ways to broaden the way it does things to include everyone within the human race.

Chris believes the society Parability creates should be one whereby we all take responsibility for our own actions and find ways to help each other.

As part of Chris’s aim to lead by example he not only ensures Parability works with a variety of communities, he also promotes through his own sport of wheelchair racing the importance of remaining as fit and active as possible to ensure you do your best to maintain your independence as far as is possible.

You will find that many of the appointments Chris attends for Parability he does so travelling by self propulsion in his NHS wheelchair.