Our History

In The Beginning

Parability was the brainchild of Basingstoke born Chris Hall a person who has congenital hydrocephalus. His own experiences growing up with a disability made him realise the discrimination which was faced by the minorities within society.

This led to the vision of Parability for a human race which is without any form of discrimination or barriers, whereby everyone took responsibility for their own impact on themselves and others.

In the Autumn of 2011 Chris, with the support of local Basingstoke businessman Paul Midgley (who himself set up his own businesses Drum Runners) set about laying down the foundations for what was to become Parability.

Parability was officially named in the Spring of 2012 whilst our founder was crossing the car park of Elizabeth Road Allotments, Basingstoke returned home from his voluntary role with Shaw Trust.

With the support of the Daniel Bowler Memorial Trust Fund, we used their 10th Anniversary on 5 May 2012 as an opportunity to official Launch Parability. The official launch ran over both Saturday 6 May 2012 and Sunday 7 May 2012 from Russell Howard Park. The event also hosted stalls including a bouncy castle and Paul Midgley’s Drum Runners offered musical entertainment to all ages and abilities as well as an opportunity on Saturday for people to try out a race chair on loan from Hampshire Wheelchair Racing Group.


Parability In it’s First Year

Parability spent it’s first year developing it’s audience on social media, by the end of the first year we had not only gone from having a page on the Drum Runner’s website to having our own website, but also having 2 Twitter accounts and a much bigger following on social media.

Since The Early Years

After the first year Our Founder Chris Hall with the help of a fellow Shaw Trust member of staff who worked at the office Chris volunteered at, started to launch Parability into the Basingstoke community, starting with the community of South Ham.

During this period Parability made links with organisation’s like South Ham Direct, The Café Project, Kings Furlong Junior School and Saint Andrews Methodist Church.


In November 2014 Parability launched the pilot for it’s Activity And Social Group which was held at Westside Community Centre. The Activity And Social Group continuesn  to this day being run regularly from Saint Andrews Methodist Church)) where it was moved to after the pilot.